Burnt Barns Farm is a working grassland farm and home to The Frickley Herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows.


Burnt Barns has been in our family now for over 50 years. The farm covers  over 180 acres of beautiful rolling grassland, encompassing the parishes of Ninfield, Catsfield and Ashburnham.


The farm is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty approx 3 miles west of the Abbey Town of Battle. The farm sits between Tent Hill where William The Conqueror allegedly camped the night before the battle of Hastings and Standard Hill where he placed his flag after the battle.


The name Burnt Barns originated after the Swing Riots in 1830.  These were a widespread uprising by agricultural workers; it began with the destruction of threshing machines in the Elham Valley area of East Kent in the summer of 1830, and by early December had spread throughout the whole of southern England and East Anglia..  As well as the attacks on the popularly hated, labour-displacing, threshing machines the protesters reinforced their demands with wage and tithe riots and by the destruction of objects of perceived oppression, such as workhouses and tithe barns.






Burnt Barns Farm

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